Bosch Solution 3000( 8 Zone )


$1090.00 incuding GST - Fully installed


3 x Bosch Blue line Hard wired movement detectors (PIRs) (can handle up to 16)
1 x External “Classic” style or “Slimline” siren with blue strobe
Rings your phone if you alarm goes off! (with a siren noise)
1x Internal siren (105db+) (piezo)
Power pack & backup battery
LCD Icon Keypad
ADSL filter & phone socket
Alarm connection to phone line for mobile phone alert
Cables & connectors
Warning stickers for your home
5 year parts & labour warranty

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  • Additional motion sensors are 140 each, Reed switches for doors/windows (maybe wireless) are 160 each.
  • Pet Friendly sensors Under 15kg = 45 extra per sensor, under 38kg = 95 extra per sensor.
  • Upgrade to a Bosch 4.3″ Touchscreen for 220 (only available on Bosch 3000)
  • Upgrade to a Bosch 7″ Touchscreen for 390 (only available on Bosch 880 / 3000)
  • Wired Smoke Alarms  +165
  • 2x Bosch Remote controls and Receiver (with panic function) (+195)
  • Glass Break Detector (designed to protect a small set of windows) (+165)
  • Back to base monitoring (+33/month using landline / +48/month using GPRS Module (350 once off for the module))
  • Upgrade to Bosch Solution 6000  Alarm panel with SMS alert capability over the standard phone line for an extra $250.
  •  Read about the difference between choosing the Bosch 3000 vs 6000
  • OPTION 1 – SIM CARD OPTION – Add a 3G GSM Module for an additional $275 (if you don’t have a phone line and want to report via SIM Card).
  • OPTION 2 – ETHERNET MODULE – Arm / Disarm / Notifications via app – $440
  • OPTION 3- LANDLINE OPTION – Rings up to 2 phones if your alarm gets triggered for an additional $150 – Requires an active landline. An NBN Landline will work if you have: A Uni-V port with a DTMF service on it and a power supply with a backup battery

3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

Certified Techinicians

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